CNP is My First NFT!!

Today I would like to introduce the NFT that I purchased for the first time.
Its name is “CryptoNinja Partners (CNP)

What’s “CNP”?

CNP is a generative NFT collection.
It is derived from a “Crypto Ninja” NFT brand.


Total Items:22,222-piece
1st Sale Price:0.001ETH
Token Standard:ERC721A
Official Site:

Encounter with CNP

At that time, I was beginning to be interested in P2E and so on.
I did a lot of research and knew about NFT, but I didn’t buy it.

One day in May, I happened to be listening to
Ikehaya’s voicy (Japan’s largest voice platform) while taking a walk.
Then I learned that an NFT called CNP would be sold.
And the release date is today!!
According to the stream, it is an exceptional price for NFT.
So, I decided to buy it as soon as I got home.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it in time for the first sale,
so I decided to purchase it at the second distribution at OpenSea.

First, I researched how to buy. Because that was the first time used OpenSea.
After then, I bought ETH,
transmit to wallet,
connect wallet to OpenSea … I managed to buy CNP!!

I chose “Orochi” with a fearless face from many characters.


The white snake “Orochi” is Janome’s partner in CryptoNinja.They seem to transform into various forms to carry out their missions…!

※Failure story
I didn’t know the existence of the auction and the spot sale at first,
so I exchanged it for WETH …
If it was sold on the spot, it could only be done with ETH.
Beginners should be careful. Well, this is also a good experience.

After Then

After purchase, the popularity has risen, and as of July, the Floor Price is about 20 times higher!!! (0.6ETH)
I wish I had bought more…
But, I’m lucky just to have. CNP became an NFT that I thought was good to buy.

Other than “Orochi”, there are wonderful characters such as
Leelee, Mitama and Narukami.
It’s a little expensive, but why not look for your favorite one?

The CNP Holder can also get priority purchase rights in future collaboration projects.
So, I will treasure it.

Then everyone has a good NFT life!!
Thank you for reading


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